Preah Monivong National Park

Bokor City Cambodia

Dâmrei Mountains, southeastern parts of the Cardamom Mountains

Bokor Gateway

Bokor Gateway

The Bokor Gateway is located on the A3 between Kampot and Sihanoukville.

The A32 that begins their leads up a winding road up to the Elephant Mountain.

Gateway to the Historical Hill Station of Bokor National Park

Road Bokor City

Road Bokor City

Kampot Weather Preview

Yeay Mao Monument

The statue (29 meters tall) is located on the top of Bokor Mountain (1075 meters).

From the area of the statue, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the forests and the sea coasts.

Yeay Mao Monument

The City

Three communes in Kampot province have been turned into "Bokor city", a new administrative area slated to become the province’s second municipality located in the midst of the 150,000-hectare Preah Monivong Bokor National Park.

The area of ​​Bokor National Park in the Preah Monivong region has been earmarked by the government for development into a historic tourist destination that appeals to both national and international visitors.

Speaking at the announcement, Deputy Prime Minister Chea Sophara said plans were underway to transform part of Bokor Mountain into a smart city and historical site, surrounded by greenery, natural mountain landscapes and a coast blessed with a pleasant sea Cool climate.

Details of the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction's project were revealed in a master plan entitled “2035 Bokor City Masterplan” during a workshop at the Sokha Phnom Penh Hotel on August 29th.

In his speech, Chea Sophara, who is also Minister of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction, said specific guidelines and a legal framework that will help create a city that meets all needs.

He said the master plan will examine the need for housing, relaxation, employment, study and business, all in an environmentally friendly environment to advance the development project.

These initiatives aim to create a luxury high-end tourism destination for local and international tourists, he added. The ministry's study found that Bokor National Park's location in Cambodia is unique and has the potential to be a top international travel destination.

Chea Sophara, who is also the chairman of the National Committee on Land Management and Urban Planning, said that under the leadership of Samdech Techo Hun Sen, peace is vital and must be maintained for stable and beneficial development of all sectors in the kingdom.

"Bokor has a favorable climate and a unique location for housing, tourism development and environmental protection that enables sustainable development in the region," he added.

He urged Cambodians to get involved in the project, saying, "If Cambodians don't support this project, please don't complain that this place is only for foreigners."

"Within 10 days, the project has already sold 4,000 lots to Cambodians at an affordable price. Up to 10,000 pieces of land could be sold to locals next week to give the middle and low income group an opportunity to own land here."

He also urged the Cambodians to take advantage of the project, as Bokor is Khmer land and the government would like young Cambodians to support it, as the location has good infrastructure and pleasant weather with a pleasant environment.

The area includes the geographical areas of Kampot, Preah Sihanouk and Kampong Speu with a land size of 27,943 hectares, which is 18.09 percent of the 154,542 hectares of the Preah Monivong National Park.

The development of the Bokor City project aims to cover a wide range of legal and technical aspects that allow for proper coordination between the different sectors that are the economic drivers for sustainable development in the region.

The project was designed in response to increasing demographics, land use needs, housing development and development at all levels, taking into account current and future needs.

It will ensure the protection of natural and underground resources, ecosystems, the environment and natural resources, especially the preservation of historic urban sites.

The master plan aims to ensure the effective management and control of the proposed city of Bokor by integrating and developing quality assurance, balance, equity and sustainability.

According to the master plan, nine key areas for residential, commercial, mixed-use areas, traffic, tourism, administration, public spaces, green spaces, cultural and religious areas and areas of technical infrastructure were defined.

The residential area is contained in eight development areas and comprises approximately 3,390 hectares, or 37.85 percent of the total land that can be built as part of the proposed development project in Bokor City.

Hill Station

Bokor Mountain was found by the French in 1917 and developed into a resort in 1921. It was the famous summer escape for the French elites and royal family. Bokor National Park is one of Cambodia's most beautiful and most mystical national parks.

The Hill Station was built as a resort by colonial French settlers to offer an escape from the heat and humidity.

Le Bokor Palace is the main building of the Bokor Hill Station in Cambodia's Kampot province.

Bokor Hill Station

Bokor Hill Station


Le Bokor Palace

Le Bokor Palace


Opal Coast of Cambodia

Enjoy the great view to the maritime Opal Coast of Cambodia

Popokvil Waterfall

A meeting point to relax.

Popokvil Waterfall lower bank

View from the lower bank

End of raining season (october)

Popokvil Waterfall out of season

A popular travel destination, even out of season

Popokvil Waterfall two-tiered fall

Located about 7.5 km north-east of Bokor Hill Station. It is a two-tiered fall, with a shallow pool in between.

Sampov Pram Pagoda

Considered the highest Buddha Pagoda in Cambodia

Five boats pagoda | large, and flat rock formations nearby, 10 meters long by 10 meters high, these natural formations convey the images of boats

Sampov Pram Pagoda
Sampov Pram Pagoda boran
Sampov Pram Pagoda view

Thansur Sokha Hotel & Casino

The first and only highland resort in the Mekong Sub-Region

Thansur Sokha Hotel offers rooms and suites decked out with modern Khmer art and equipped with latest amenities. All guest rooms are comfortable served with world-class service.

Thansur Sokha Hotel & Casino
Thansur Sokha Hotel pond
Thansur Sokha garden